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This site was originally created to promote the The Official Movie Plot Generator.  Eventually the domain registration of the site expired and puff, no more visibility on the web. The new owners of the domain decided to keep some of the original content since they wanted more folks to enjoy / play with the ideas from the The Official Movie Plot Generator book. Content is from the site's archived pages.

In the spirit of Magnetic Poetry, The Official Movie Plot Generator is part humor book, part game, part creative tool. It offers 27,000 hilarious movie plot possibilities you create, spanning every genre of cinema from feel-good family fun to hard-boiled crime drama. Just flip the tabs until you find a combination you like.


An aside:
For movie fans or anyone who likes to laugh a lot with little effort, The Official Movie Plot Generator is a perfect gift and an irresistible, offbeat diversion. Great at parties or family get togethers, to say the least. This is one example my siblings and I came up with. Movie plot scenario: Living on the lower East side close to the East River. A major hurricane strikes with a 10 foot tide surge. Inundated basement apartment. Desperate to clean up for disapproving parents arrive from Europe to check up on the daughter, heroine hires a water damage / restoration service company who is supposed to provide emergency cleaning and restoration services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Their immediate response, they say over the phone, is to help minimize the damage and reduce the cost of restoration and cleaning. What follows in the plot is a comedy of errors until a second NYC flood damage restoration company is called in. They actually know what they are doing and indeed do restore the apartment, just in time before the heroine's parents arrive. The outline sounds terse, but the enactment is hilarious. 

My siblings and I used this plot line one weekend when we went to visit my mother who is staying at Hart Heritage Estates in Forest Hills, Delaware, located just north of Bel Air. My Mom is s movie buff and is very intuitive regarding where a movie's story line is going. We all thought she would get a kick out of our NYC movie plot. We all grew up in NYC and two of my siblings still live there. However, we decided to move my mother closer to where I live in Maryland when she really needed an assisted living situation. It has work out well for all of us. My mother loves the Hart Heritage Estates facility as well as the staff and I can easily drop in once or twice a week to visit. Well, I digress. But I do want to say, my mother got such a kick out of our plot. She added a few comic twists which were perfect.

Get the book and find out if your movie writing potential is for real.


Publisher: Brothers Heimberg Publishing
Title: The Official Movie Plot Generator
Subtitle: 27,000 Hilarious Movie Plots
Author: The Brothers Heimberg
ISBN: 0-9740439-1-5
Category: Humor
Length: 30 pages (3 panels per page)
Retail Price: $15.95
Format: Hardcover (concealed spiral)
Pub Date: Summer 2004

About the Authors:

Jason and Justin (The Brothers) Heimberg are professional screenwriters who have written for Disney, Paramount, and Universal Studios, and have collaborated with producers such as Jerry Bruckheimer and Gary Ross. Jason, 32, is the creator of The Panda (in development with the Cartoon Network). Justin, 30, is the author of numerous humor books including the best-selling Would You Rather...? series.

Interview Ideas:

Two of Hollywood’s most unique and engaging funnymen, The Brothers Heimberg are available to liven up any articles, programs or shows you are planning. They can discuss:

  • - The real, inane, and often ridiculous inner workings of Hollywood (what “inspired” this book)
  • - Secrets to successful script and movie development (and the pros and cons of collaboration)
  • - How to break into the movie writing business
  • - Games to play using The Official Movie Plot Generator (acting out/improving movie scenes you create, coming up with titles for combinations, using the book to practice the “pitch” (all of which can be performed live)
  • - How to start your own publishing company and small business

The Brothers Heimberg are experienced improvisers, quip-men, and savvy media subjects
who can generate hilarious content for your needs on the fly. They can also explain ways for
you to use The Official Movie Plot Generator as a game on your show with your audience or
selected staff members.


The Brothers Heimberg Biography and Credits

Justin, 30, co-created The Official Movie Plot Generator after witnessing the formulaic process of movie development while working as a professional screenwriter. The MPG is a giant step in his life-long effort to write a book with as few words as possible in it.
Justin is the author of five comedy books
including the best-selling Would You Rather...? series (over 140,000 books sold) He has served as a humor writer/editor for men’s magazines including Details Magazine, MBA Jungle, and Maxim. He is a long-time performer for the Award- winning Improvised Documentary at Improv Olympic.

Jason, 32, actually graduated from The George Washington Law School in 1998. Making good use of the 3 years of intense legal education and $60,000+ spent on tuition, he moved to LA to pursue comedy screenwriting.
Jason is now a professional working screenwriter. In addition to writing feature films with his brother Justin, Jason is the creator of the Cartoon Network show Decker The Panda (in development), following the exploits of three friends: a cuddly panda, a giant lavender clam, and a drunk train engine.
High school activities: Racquetball 1,2,4 Medical Careers Club 3

The Brothers Heimberg currently have six scripts in development:

  • -“Unnatural History” at Disney; Jerry Bruckheimer is attached to executive produce
  • - “Kingpin 2” (the sequel to the 1996 Farrelly brother’s film “Kingpin”) with 2929 Entertainment
  • - “Leisure World” at New Line; Jim Carrey was recently attached to star
  • - “T&A” with Outlaw Productions and Intermedia Film
  • - “Open Season” with producer Gary Ross at Universal
  • -“Shock Jock” at Paramount with Alphaville Productions


“With this book, I can finally do what I’ve always wanted- get rid of the need for screenwriters!”

– Russell Hollander, Bigtime Hollywood Producer

“No longer do I have to struggle to find creative ideas. Now I simply flip the pages of ‘The Official Movie Plot Generator’ to find the plot for my next million dollar script. A must for any aspiring screenwriter or film buff.”

– Jeff Sank, Hollywood screenwriter

“I’m expecting 10% of these book sales.”

- Justin Silvera of Broder, Webb, Chervin, Silberman Agency (Jason and Justin’s agent)


Reviews and Press Coverage

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Listen to the Brothers Heimberg speak with Susan Stamberg on NPR's All Things Considered.

Newsweek - A macho NFL quarterback discovers a hidden talent for dance in a rousing adaptation of the Broadway musical. It could be a pitch to a Hollywood screenwriter, but it's not. It's one of thousands of movie plots created in "The Official Movie Plot Generator." The book, self-published by two Hollywood screenwriter brothers, Justin and Jason Heimberg, was created to lampoon the biz--and get a few laughs. The coffee-table masterpiece (for sale at and in stores next month) contains 30 pages of three flaps, generating 27,000 permutations of some really bad movies. Some are probable: "A cop who doesn't play by the rules becomes a nanny for an aristocratic family in the feel-good comedy of the year." (This was actually pitched to them following the book's publication.) Others are less likely: "The ultimate crime-fighting indestructible cyborg raises a baby and, in the process, learns the true meaning of Christmas." ("We'd call it 'RoboPop'," Justin says. "It'll be made within the next five years," Jason predicts.) Wait. Didn't that one star J. Lo?

Esquire - Featured as one of "The 9 Most Remarkable Things in Culture."

Publishers Weekly - "Screenwriter or not, anyone will get a kick of this simple but creative guide to coming up with movie plot ideas."

Failure Magazine - "allows the user to make plot lines that are...beyond even the most twisted studio executive."

Script Sales - "guaranteed to make you bust a gut. A unique item for the coffee table or a stocking stuffer..."

New York Press - "pushes the concept of page-flipping to a higher level."


The Brothers Heimberg


Justin Heimberg is a professional screenwriter in Los Angeles, where people make up for rampant back-stabbing, constant lying, and endless false promises by offering you a beverage before each meeting.


Jason Heimberg also lives in Los Angeles working as a comedy screenwriter. He plans on one day moving to northern Minnesota, becoming a recluse, and making a fortune in the stock market while training for the next Iditarod.